Vuyo Mabona

Running your own small business is tough at the best of times, and when a pandemic threatens it, you need to adapt to overcome. Vuyo is a prime example of how to do this.

Vuyo has been running a company making children’s clothing with multiple employees and a clear vision for the business and its future. With the uncertainty that Covid-19 brought up for many people, Vuyo, like many others needed to change her ways, to make sure she and her employees could put food on the table.

“Preparation meets opportunity” – A simple ethos for how Vuyo managed to partner with SiliStuff and keep her business alive! SiliStuff provided the opportunity for Vuyo and her staff to make masks at a large scale, and her passion for children’s clothing has still been able to shine through this time.

We were humbled by working with Vuyo and her company, while she was grateful that we offered her the ways and means to keep her business thriving.

“Thank you SiliStuff for allowing us to be part of saving South Africa, one mask at a time”

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