Precious Msamba

With the world panicking and her main source of income gone due to lockdown, it was more important than ever for this mother of four to keep her hopes high and her head down!

SiliStuff found Precious and in her own words, ‘gave her hope’. We were incredibly grateful to work with Precious and helping her provide for her family and her community. With masks quickly become her income, Precious was able to buy essentials and look toward the future knowing that she would be able to pay for school fees.

The former Zimbabwean has made an impact to people around the country by continually making masks through this period. Not only that, but SiliStuff’s partnership with Precious allowed her to take her business to new heights, and to the point where she could register her company!

Through this time, SiliStuff’s orders from Precious has helped pay for school fees, university fees, and most importantly has helped her touch the lives of the people she employs and the community around her.

“SiliStuff helped me believe that better days would come”

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