Leslia Moyo

We have watched South Africans come together in the most beautiful way through these times of trial. Truth is, more people have helped each other over the last couple months than anyone could have ever thought. Giving the opportunity to make a living from masks has proven more valuable than just a mask for a stranger to wear. During these times, having the opportunity to create masks and to continue to bring money in – Leslia and her employees have not just been able to survive, but they have been able to thrive.

Leslia believes that during this time, it is hard for many people to be a blessing to others, but because of the opportunity given to her and her team, she has been able to become that blessing. Leslia has looked outside herself and helped many stranded families with groceries through the money she has made from your orders. One opportunity turned one person’s life around, and in turn, that person passed it forward, and that is more than what we could possibly hope for.

“Thank you for this great opportunity to be a blessing”

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