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A hardworking and dedicated mother of three. The need for income has never been more paramount, especially for a single mother trying her best to give her children everything she can. As the country halted due to the Corona Virus, some people including Eileen saw an opportunity to keep her income, but simply change where it came from.

Eileen began to make masks for the people in her community. She handed these out on the road and to many shop assistants who were in need. Eileen’s real expansion happened when SiliStuff found out about her and her strong will.

We partnered with Eileen so that she could employ more people to help her make masks, so that she could keep her income and her flourishing family happy and healthy. It’s not only Eileen that has benefitted from the partnership with SiliStuffm, but her staff and all the people surrounding her have came out of this situation with money in their pocket and hope on the horizon.

Eileen’s initiative and SiliStuff’s commitment has taken her NPO to new heights and we’re not done yet!

“We are not what has happened to us, we are what we choose to make of it” – Eileen Lwando

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